Controlled Walk Course

  • Donnybrook: Social Dog Walk, Tuesdays at 5.00pm.
    Free of charge for Dutchfield students. Social dogs only. If your dog is reactive or aggressive, please book a house visit or private lesson first to address these issues. As we walk in bushland, wear some sturdy shoes. Most dogs are off lead to socialize and play. We meet at the school oval of the Donnybrook Primary School on Marmion Street.
  • Controlled Walk course: In the Controlled Walk course we are focusing on training your dog to follow you so you can enjoy your walks together without your dog pulling you! In these 4 weeks, we will work on walking together and tuning into each other, loose lead training techniques, mental barrier vs physical barrier, leash handling skills and rewarding wanted behavior. Dogs should be aware of where you are and where you are going. We want a dog to be relaxed and comfortable when out on a walk so they are less likely to give you trouble when encountering another dog or reacting to other triggers like traffic, children, skateboards etc. The end goal is to lead your dog through this world, not the other way around! The classes are small, a maximum of 10 dogs in one class. The course is 4 lessons of 55 minutes, and costs $ 120.00 (per dog/handler)
  • Controlled Walk Course: Bunbury, Saturday 20 November 2021 at 09:00am