We have awarded Dutchfield Dog Training as The Best Dog Behaviourist in Bunbury for 2023. An overall quality score exceeding 95% was achieved, making them the top ranked in Bunbury.
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Customer reviews:

Jen Novice, Bunbury: I took both of my dogs to Becky’s Puppy Basic Obedience 1 course when they were puppies and recommend this course to everyone who brings a new pup into their home.

However, what I would like to highly recommend are Becky’s private classes. Ever since my Lab x Border Collie pup became this big, strong and crazy one year old, I have struggled to walk him on the lead. At my wits’ end, I contacted Becky for help and booked in for a private class. Not only did Barry’s behaviour improve drastically in the one hour class, but Becky taught me the skills, techniques and knowledge required to continue his training at home. Barry has become a dream to walk in less than two weeks and I am so grateful. Thank you Becky!!
November 2021

Amy Sumner, Bridgetown: Thank you Becky! I really appreciate the way you explain things so clearly and have a kind but firm approach that works. After our first session I already feel much more confident in understanding why Jolly has certain behaviours and how to correct them. I appreciated the way you explained things without judgement towards me or Jolly. I would highly recommend anyone to see Becky for help with training your dog.

Alison Gilmour, Donnybrook: “I can’t recommend Becky highly enough. She is so enthusiastic and supportive. Her classes are fun and educational for both dog and owner and I love the mix of obedience exercises, games, dog psychology and introduction to different dog sports. They’re also a great way to safely socialise your dog. My puppy was terrified of everything when I got him at eight weeks – other dogs, vehicles, people, birds, lawnmowers – anything that made a loud noise or was unfamiliar. His first class was spent hiding and refusing to participate; his next class involved crocodile rolls and sitting with his back to the class, again refusing to participate. However, by his fourth class – just as Becky predicted – he started to relax and socialize. Now, he loves going to class as much as I do!

Amy Dandridge, Bunbury: Becky is an amazing trainer, she is very informative and not only helps trains the dogs but also the owners, i have seen her work with dogs with behavioral problems and the out come is amazing, highly recommend Becky! 9 March 2019

Kylie Zerafa, Bunbury: We have had private lessons and also classes with Becky. We are so lucky for her to have agreed to train our three little terrors. We went from unable to walk more then one dog at a time due to pulling, to walking three at the same time at a nice pace without any troubles! Manners at home are improving and we haven’t even finished our courses yet. Such a great trainer!
23 March 2019

Rosemary Fisher, Bunbury: Dozer and Phoenix have just finished obedience training one. Becky has amazing knowledge that covers everything you need to know to make you and your dog more confident both at home and in public. We can’t wait for stage two to start. Thanks Becky for your time. We highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a dog trainer.” (September 2018)

Raina Laurie, Bunbury: “Exceptional. Becky provided both my Rotties with a really friendly and safe space to improve their social skills. It was great training for me too.
Becky also gave me fantastic advice months after our classes had ended when moving into a new property. Now both dogs are calm around sheep, free range chickens and the fish in the pond. I highly recommend Dutchfield Dog Training to all my dog owning friends.” 28/09/18

Kodee Whittaker, Bunbury: Highly recommend Becky! We have had 3 group sessions so far with our young puppy. She has excellent knowledge, skill and is a great teacher. Thank you Becky! Look forward to the coming weeks. 5 stars.  really should be 10 star’s but it only goes to 5.” 08/08/17

Hayley Martin, Australind: “Becky is amazing and really knows dogs, so her knowledge and insight to a problem is spot on and she gives you easy to understand information, we got so much out of our private session and would recommend Dutchfield dog Training to anyone, you won’t be disappointed and worth every cent, absolutely life changing” 02/11/18

Misti Fuller, Bunbury: “Becky has done so much for myself, husband & our girl Sash in only 2 sessions! Friendly, understanding & a great teacher to us all! Looking forward to working with Becky & our new dog in the near future! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!” 13/07/17

Amy Hayter, Collie:Wow! Becky has definitely found her calling – what an amazing trainer she is! I have a border collie who started out barking non stop, then crocodile rolling and just being stupid – now we’re almost finished with our basic obedience classes and he sits by my side the whole time, interacts well with the other dogs and participates in all the wonderful activities 🙂 I love all the different elements in the basic obedience classes too – rather than just the usual “sit, drop, stay” kind of basics Becky adds in agility, doggy dancing and so many fun filled activities that work wonders. Signing up for her next obedience classes and agility too – would recommend taking her classes without question! Thank you Becky!”

Cindy Miller, Donnybrook: “I just wanted to say a massive thanks to Bekky, over the weekend I have realised the massive improvement nala has made. We stayed at a friends place for a BBQ. Nala behaved fantastically doing as she was told. She never crossed the boundary into the house she sat or laid down when told and played with the kids very well. My biggest appreciation was her coming when called. .. she would walk to the adjacent house (no fence) to talk and play with their dogs. The instant I called her back she would come back. Also its great being at a mates place for the first time and not constantly worrying about what she is doing. Everyone was impressed with the obedience and brains of my 8 month old. The class Bekky has run has been so beneficial! I cannot wait for our last class so I can see our progress then begin the next semester. Thanks Bekky I really appreciate everything you have done, and want everyone to know it!”

Tracey Barnett-Forrest, Donnybrook: “Best dog training I’ve attended!! Patient, precise and fun! Would recommend Dutchfield to anyone. Thank you Becky.”

Ingrid Franklin, Donnybrook: “Both my dogs are benefiting from Keeta’s time spent at your classes Becky and I’m becoming a much better owner and handler. Thank you.”

Susan Wiinblad, Bunbury: “Your knowledge and training advice makes life as a dog owner a pleasure – and fun !! For our dog too !! Perle is so much better with children and listens very well”

Cindy, Collie: “Dutchfield Dog Training taught me the basics that I needed to know with my first dog. The other dog school I went to in Perth never taught me the basics other than sit. Becky taught me how to get my dog to walk on a leash and heel plus so many more basic but necessity skills to have an obedient dog. I constantly learn and my dog constantly improves beyond belief. I am so glad I was recommended to Dutchfield as it’s the best decision I have ever made and I look forward to all the future courses I do with Dutchfield! Thank you so much Becky!”

Jo Hamlet, Donnybrook: Letter to the Editor, Preston Press 2015/01: “Four months ago we adopted a nervous little dog from the refuge. In October we enrolled in a basic obedience course with Becky of Dutchfield Dog Training. Today we have a confident, obedient dog who loves us. I heard about Becky by word-of-mouth and I want to let others know how good she is and how lucky we are to have such an experienced trainer who lives locally. If you have a puppy or an older dog with problems, it’s never too late to get help. Becky has lots of patience with both dogs and… trainers, which is of course where the training begins. Thanks Becky.”

Amelia and Albert, Donnybrook:
03/04/18: “Having recently completed Dutchfield Dog Training obedience 1 with my eight month old Australian cattle dog, Albert, I was totally impressed by Becky’s professionalism, from my initial enquiry to completion certificate – WOW!!
Becky has a very unique ability to successfully train both humans and dogs with her extensive knowledge and calm nature.
Her classes are well organised, informative and continue to be extremely beneficial to both of us. We are looking forward to obedience 2. Thank you very much Becky for bringing such a fantastic service to our community!

Caryn Huddleston – Donnybrook:
01/08/18: Amazing trainer who not only train’s your dog but the owner too. My 2 dogs are able to go nearly everywhere with me as they are so well behaved. Thanks Becky your amazing”

Chrissie AllenDonnybrook:
Thank you Becky for sharing your knowledge. Think you may see a little more of my Bella yet”

Sarah van Velzen – Bunbury:
Rusty just finished his basic obedience one training, and he has made such improvements in different areas. Becky was just amazing, she has such an extensive knowledge of every topic and training technique we cover. She is very passionate and makes the training environment fun, rewarding and informative. Can’t wait to come back and do more. Thank you so much Becky for all your time and help, it was really wonderful.”

Hayley Foster – Bunbury:
29/04/18: “Luca just finished obedience course 1 and I cant believe how much she has improved! Day 1 very insecure and forward to 6 weeks she now can happily sit within a metre of another dog without being scared and doesnt growl so much. She has also learnt lots of new things and is doing great with it at home to. Thankyou for all your hard work Becky you do such a fabulous job, very professional.”

Nardia Williams – Bunbury:
24/01/18: “Just finished basic obedience 1 class with our frenchy puppy and Becky has taught us so much! Can’t wait to get started on the next round in the next few weeks”

Emma Hughes – Bunbury:
04/11/17: “We have just composed basic obedience 1 with our girl Kya, it was great and we will be back for more classes for sure !”

Craig Whittaker – Bunbury:
08/08/17: “Very knowledgeable and makes it fun for the dog and owners.”

Carolyn Dovey – Bunbury:
July 2017: “Becky is amazing! Recommend to anyone. We saw a big improvement on our dog straightaway and will continue going back. Thanks so much Becky.”

Rebecca Smith – Donnybrook:
May 2017: “Great training with Becky and fun…my puppy is learning really quickly because Becky helps you to understand dogs better.”