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Manners and Obedience Skills course:

Is your dog calm, polite and attentive? Not many are, but this course can teach you how to turn a badly behaved dog into the dog you always wanted!

  • Too busy to take your dog to a group class?
  • Your puppy hasn’t had all the vaccinations yet but you are keen to get started with his training?
  • Your dog is not good with other dogs so you want to practice at home first?
  • You are currently in lockdown and really need to start teaching your dog good manners?
  • You can’t commit to coming to class each week?
  • You want to complete a course at your own pace when it suits you?
  • There is no dog school close by?

Then our very popular online Manners and Obedience Skills course is perfect for you!
In this course I hope to deepen your understanding of canine behaviour, give you insights into canine psychology and show you how to teach your dog manners and important obedience skills.

Learn how to reward wanted behavior and correct unwanted behavior.

In 22 lessons, learn how to teach your dog manners and basic obedience skills every dog needs to know! The lessons consist of written content followed by demonstration videos from dog trainer and behaviorist Becky Breedveld.

Are you and your dog ready to start training? Enroll today! Please visit our page on Teachable:


Course Curriculum:

  1. Focus and Attention
  2. Leadership, Rewards and Corrections
  3. Jumping On People
  4. Sit
  5. Down
  6. Impulse Control & Wait For Food
  7. Wait At The Door Or Gate
  8. Walking Without Pulling
  9. Collars And Leashes
  10. Sit Next To You
  11. Stay
  12. Heel
  13. Recall
  14. Watch Me!
  15. Meeting People
  16. Meeting Dogs
  17. Playing And Fetch
  18. Nose Work
  19. Tricks
  20. Stand
  21. Leave It!
  22. Grooming, Teeth & Nails