Obedience & Puppies

*** Dutchfield Dog Training is closing down due to us moving overseas ***

Puppy/Basic Obedience
If you think it is important to have a well-behaved dog that understands the basic obedience commands like sit, down, heel, stay and come, and have fun training your dog at the same time, join one of our obedience courses!

A new puppy? Did you know that new dog owners make 10 classic mistakes when they are raising their new puppy? These mistakes can affect your whole family for years to come! Learn more by joining one of our obedience classes!

Too many dogs end up in dog pounds each year because of behaviour problems that could be avoided by the owners learning about dog behaviour and what you can do to become a natural leader to your dog. In the obedience classes I will also teach you how to understand and improve your dog’s behaviour whatever your dogs age, breed or personality.

We’re training with the positive/reward based methods, food/toys/praise all encouraged in class!

Unlike other dog schools where they allow 30+ dogs in one class, we’ve got a strict limit of 12 dogs in one class so we can guarantee personal attention and quality of the lessons. Also, we’ll send you the notes and homework by email after each lesson.

– 6 week course / $ 160.00, payment per course
– Maximum of 12 dogs in class
– Open to all ages, rescue dogs, puppies welcome after the 2nd vaccination
– All training is on lead
EXERCISES: Introduction, rewards and motivation, attention & focus exercises, name recognition, sit, down, no jumping on people, wait for food, wait at the door or gate, attention with distractions, walking without pulling, sit stay, down stay, come + sit front, heel (walking on a loose lead and follow), next, meet and greet a person/dog, hold &give a toy, find it (nose work), tricks, grooming/checking teeth/ears etc. leave it (food or item refusal), agility: tunnel, hoop, weave, jumps, broad jump. Evaluation.

– 6 week course/ $160.00 payment per course
– For dogs that have finished at least the Basic Obedience course or similar level
– Open to all levels, from Basic to Advanced / Obedience Trial level

EXERCISES: Heel with distractions and turns, “watch me”, distance control, stand, automatic sit when heeling, hold & give a toy/fetch, recall and finish, figure 8, stay sit and down, group heel exercises, Rally Obedience and Games.
– Ongoing course to work on obedience exercises like attention, stay, heel, come, working around distractions, walk without pulling, fetch.

– 4 week course / $120 per course
– Everyone likes a calm, polite and attentive dog. A dog needs to learn how to behave at home and in public. Good dogs are fun to be around. A dog that’s well behaved and always under control will get out into the world and experience life. They’ll be happier and you will be happier! This 4 week course is designed to work on doggy manners at home and out in public: around people, other dogs and traffic. Some of the topics in this course are:
* Jumping on people
* Teach your dog to politely wait when you open the door, gate or going in and out of the car
* Pulling on the lead when out walking
* Politely taking food/treats or toys out of your hand
* How to correct biting and nipping
* Control around visitors
* How to meet other dogs
* Calming a dog that is overexcited / impulse control
* Good etiquette out in public

Most will see a difference within one or two sessions, but it does require a commitment from you. Owners who are prepared to practice a few short sessions each day will get a better outcome than those who don’t. Working together, your dog can learn to listen and quickly become the dog you always hoped for!

In Rally, a dog and their handler move together through a course made up of 10-20 signs. Each sign displays a skill to perform such as turns or behaviors like sit, down, or stay. The dog and handler work together and should show a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm throughout the course.
This course consists of 6 lessons of half an hour each. The course is $75.00.

Classes available in Donnybrook (Marmion St) and Bunbury (Adam Road).

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