Dutchfield Dog Survival 2017

Dutchfield Dog Survival 2017

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This is the 3rd time Dutchfield Dog Training is organising the popular Dutchfield Dog Survival!

  • When: Sunday 22 October 2017 – start at 10:00am competition category, 10:30am recreational category.
  • Where: Mitchell Park, Donnybrook (Footy Oval)
  • Registration open from 09:00am.
  • Start list: *** A Startlist DDS 2017 ***

What is a Dog Survival?

A Dog Survival is a trial run in which a handler and dog walk or run a set course of about 5 kilometre in which they come across about 15 obstacles or challenges. These obstacles/challenges have to be overcome by handler and his/her dog. For instance, climbing over piled up hay bales, putting the dog in a wheelbarrow and walk to a marker, crawl under a camouflage net or crawl through a labyrinth made of hay bales and canvas cover. The dog stays on lead the whole time.


  1. Competition: this category will be timed. Every minute a new team starts, competitors follow the set course. There will be volunteers at every obstacle to help competitors. Competitors are free to skip obstacles if they don’t feel they are up to it (time penalty: 10 minutes). There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for category male competitor and category female competitor.

  2. Recreational: Handler and dog can walk the course in their own time, and can team up with others up to 4 handlers/dogs in one group if they like. Volunteers at each obstacle will help them and stamp their trial card if they complete the challenge/obstacle. When they finish the course, the points will be added up and they’ll receive a certificate of participation.

Who can compete?

This event will attract dogs and people of all shapes, sizes and athletic ability. Participants need to be reasonably fit as well as their dogs. Dogs need to be at least 1 year old to participate.

There will be a vet check for the competition category before getting their start numbers. Participants are limited to one dog each and all dogs must stay on a leash for the entire trail run.

Why a Dog Survival:

We like to encourage people to be active outdoors together with their dogs, to have a great and challenging fun day, to bond with their dog, to develop a trusting relationship and overcome challenges together! Maximum number of participants: 175 entries.