Are you the owner of a high energy dog? Maybe our agility training is your answer! Have fun learning to negotiate through an obstacle course, working together with your dog and let your dog burn off all that excess energy! Unlike other dog schools, we have a class limit. Small groups so plenty of runs and plenty of opportunity to work on your handling skills!

Dryandra Ivy

*** $5.00 surcharge / processing costs applies when paying by credit card or Paypal ***

The course is 6 lessons, 55 minutes per lesson, $140.00 per course.
Beginners and Intermediate/Advanced classes available.

Training locations: Donnybrook (Primary School oval on Marmion Street) and Bunbury. (Adam Road Primary School oval)

Next courses starting: *** Dutchfield Dog Training is closing down due to me moving overseas ***

  • Jumps/Hurdles
  • Weaving Poles
  • Flexible Tunnel 2m / 3m / 5m
  • Gallican Padded Hoop
  • Broad Jump
  • Gallican Junior Dog Walk
  • Gallican Junior A Frame / Scramble
  • Seesaw & Gallican Junior Seesaw