Hi, I’m Becky. I’m the owner of Dutchfield Dog Training.

A little bit about myself: I’ve been training dogs for over 23 years. It started out as a hobby, being a trainer for the local dog school in The Netherlands. I completed the Martin Gaus Academy Instructor’s course and for many years, I was teaching puppy classes and later on, other more advanced obedience classes.

In 2006 I emigrated to Australia where I worked as a Police Officer for Wapol. I was still running dog training classes in my spare time. In 2011 I decided to change careers and started my own dog school. Since then, I have been working full time as a trainer and a dog behaviorist. I am proud to have developed a very popular and successful business where we cater for group obedience classes (from puppies to advanced obedience), agility classes, tracking classes and personal lessons where I work with the owner on their dog’s behavior issues.

I love sharing my knowledge of canine behavior and educate dog owners to have a better understanding of their dog and how to communicate with them in a way that’s natural and clear!